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Dr. Anand Joglekar

Anand JoglekarDr. Anand Joglekar is a leading statistics educator and consultant to industry. Dr. Joglekar received M.S. degree in engineering from IIT, Bombay and Ph.D. degree in engineering with extensive statistics education from University of Wisconsin, Madison. He worked as a statistics consultant, manager of statistics department and manager of new product development at The Pillsbury Company. He then joined Honeywell as manager of strategic planning and worked in several positions including director of quality improvement. He has many publications and conference presentations to his credit and is a sought after presenter in industry. He is the author of a book titled Statistical Methods for Six Sigma published by John Wiley & Sons in 2003.

In 1990, Dr. Joglekar founded Joglekar Associates which is focused on helping industry achieve business successes through statistical methods. He has implemented statistical methods in areas such as research, product design, process design, manufacturing, analytical science, and management. He has taught statistical methods to thousands of industry participants. His customers include major companies in automotive, biotechnology, computer, chemical, defense, food, medical device, mining, packaging, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and many other industries. He has also taught statistics courses for industry associations such as the Institute of Food Technologists, American Association of Cereal Chemists and American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Dr. Joglekar's training and consultation leads to rapid results and successes for the client companies. He is credited with being a superb communicator of statistical methods and thereby successful in getting the industrial technical community to use these methods to make significant improvements. These success stories include huge cost savings, dramatic cycle time reductions, and rapid growth due to improved quality and superior product designs. You may contact him at


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