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Success Stories

Here are just a few examples of how business successes can be achieved by applying statistical methods. These are real success stories, accomplished by our customers from many different industries.

United States won a gold medal in the shooting events at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. For the first time in many decades, the United States shooters used American ammunition because its accuracy and consistency surpassed that of the competition. Our customer developed this ammunition and its manufacturing process in a short span of less than one year. Our Design of Experiments and statistical process control seminars and consulting played a major role in guiding and optimizing the development of this product and the associated manufacturing process. Much can be accomplished with leadership, the right tools, user-friendly implementation and a bit of luck.

The dramatic success of ‘Winning the Gold Medal’ has been repeated in many other industries — making a better cake, brewing better beer, improving the yield of integrated circuits, reducing the operating cost of a blast furnace, improving drug formulations, and many more.

Have you been in a situation where the development time was short? Very short? The orthogonal arrays coupled with scientific knowledge have dramatically accelerated product development to meet demanding schedules.

Has this ever happened to you? Production was going smoothly but now we have lost the recipe? When a metal parts manufacturer was in this situation, regression analysis and design of experiments helped discover the cause.

How to involve suppliers in quality improvement? How to monitor supplier performance? We wrote the document for a division of a renowned company. They made it a part of every purchase order.

A food company used variance components analysis in an interesting case of cost avoidance. It was believed that the old, in-house equipment was responsible for product variability. The variance decomposition showed that such was not the case and over half-million dollars in capital expense was avoided.

The West Coast operation of a company lost its major customer due to quality problems. Financial losses and layoffs followed. Our advanced SPC and VCA seminars and consulting support helped achieve a quality turnaround. The Cpks were dramatically improved from 0.5 to 5.0. The previously dissatisfied customer returned and now calls this operation a world class supplier. The operation was declared the most financially successful operation throughout the parent company.

Have you heard about the case of the conscientious operator who adjusted the process every time the observation was not on target or calibrated the equipment every day before beginning measurements? The operator worked hard but the effort resulted in making things worse. Our Basic Statistics seminar is being used to educate large segments of the work force to work smarter. Competitiveness demands it.

In many administrative areas, two-point decision making is a common practice. The distinction between common and special causes of variation is lost. Simple graphical approaches are sometimes not used to make decisions. In this particular case, tools such as control charts, Pareto charts and cause and effect diagrams were used to improve safety performance.

This was a long time ago, but a division of one particular company had single point forecasts for future revenue. All other projections were based upon this forecast. Often the revenue projections were kept low because executive compensation was based upon them. We used a decision analysis approach to provide a probabilistic revenue forecast, which led to better planning and an improved assessment of risks. Harvard Business School wrote two case studies about this.

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